18.07.2022 - Microcontroller Fabrication

The complete microcontroller was submitted for fabrication this month at IHP. This is an important step of the MORAL project. In the following months, the preparation for the wafer tests will be carried on. The first results are expected for Q1 2023.

MORAL Layout

12.07.2022 - DAC 12 bits tests under radiation

11.05.2022 - CompCert - 2022 ACM Award

The CompCert C Compiler used in MORAL won the prestigious ACM Software System Award.

24.05.2022 - DAC 12 bits tested

11.04.2022 - Newsletter #1

MORAL's newsletter is now available. Click here to download.

24.01.2022 - Microcontroller Datasheet

The first release of MORAL's microcontroller datasheet is now available. Click here to download.

Datasheet Cover

12.05.2021 - PEAKTOP Toolchain

09.04.2021 - ADC macro released

11.02.2021 - First DAC prototype